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> Overview
> Why use portalroom?
> Modules & applications
> Pricing Structure


Portalroom can be implemented normally within a four to six week timeframe, providing the organisation with a fully working shell site complete with graphical design. We focus on community-centric sites, and we work with you the client to ensure that the site is right aesthetically as well as functionally.

Portalroom technology has been in development for three years and has been tested and refined on live sites, ensuring that the code is robust and that our sites are scaleable. Our systems have been designed so that they are modular in nature meaning that new functionality and applications can be plugged in with ease, not affecting the design or workings of the site.

Support is a major feature of PortalRoom. We work with our clients, and will support them by providing advice, guidance and consultancy for growing and developing their community site.



Speed to market
Our speed to market is extremely rapid – Often a portalroom development can be launched within six weeks from the initial conception.

> Robust
Over the past three years we have been developing sites based on our architecture, so we know that our systems are tried and tested, robust and scaleable.
> Comprehensive applications
We have developed a suite of modular applications that can literally be plugged–in to the site. These applications have been developed for nearly every need. Please see the section modules and applications for more information.
> Ease of use
A Common design scheme is used throughout our modules, making navigation easy for the site visitor or users. This design can be changed within the templates at any time.
> Administration system
We have developed a content management and administration system to easily edit, customise and add to the content of your PortalRoom applications. If you can browse the internet you can manage your site using our system.

The features of PortalRoom are diverse and comprehensive, including the following :
> Registration facility
All sections can be set so that they require the visitor to be a registered user before access
> Content Management
Full administration system for altering content, communicating with members or altering security requirements
> Database driven
We use industry standard databases for the storage of information.
> Encrypted content
Content stored within either the databases or on the server can be encrypted to protect privacy
> Interface
The complete design of the interface can be changed very rapidly
> File upload
Upload files to the system from the administration interface. The system can be set to only allow certain file types to be uploaded
> Multi-language
Languages can be added to the site, complete with changeable buttons, headings, text and files
> Integration of images
Images can be uploaded to the site from within the administration interface. They can be resized automatically and format conversion can be performed automatically by the server.
> Email and Printer-friendly
Both "email this page" and "print this page" capability built in
> Integration
Each module integrates seamlessly with each other
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