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At PortalRoom we listen to our customers and always have new modules and applications in development as well as additions and feature requests that we add to our existing library. The following are the list of current applications that can be installed.

We always value suggestions from our clients or potential clients. If you have a module that you would like to see us integrate into our application suite then we will seriously look at your needs and the potential needs of our other clients. Please contact us if you have a suggestion.


The following are just brief descriptions of some of the modules included within the PortalRoom application suite. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of either modules or features as these will be covered during a meeting or proposal document.

Ask the Expert
Providing an area on a site for access to experts can enhance the users experience as well as ultimately reducing the human resource need from questions already answered. Photographs of the "expert" can be included as standard with each category

Banner Advertising
The rotational banner advertising module is fully customisable allowing different sized banners, rotational or static banners, full statistics tracking and category awareness.

A Yahoo-style directory system which is fully customisable. Categories and unlimited sub-categories are included, complete with search and detailed search. Detailed information about a "link" can be included and the detailed fields can be customised. Automatic submission is included allowing visitors to add themselves to the directory and this comes complete with moderation so that links will not go live until an administrator has validated the link. An optional plug-in allows for credit card payments to be taken for directory submissions.

Discussion Forum
A standard discussion forum, complete with multiple category creation, flat and threaded views and moderation can be plugged in as standard. This powerful forum comes complete with automatic email notification for new messages and a full administration system

File management
Our file and document management module can be utilised in an internet or intranet setting, enabling file downloads (or uploads) to be accommodated. Any filetype can be uploaded, but filters can be added to prevent files from being uploaded if they are not of the correct type.

Employee Directory
The employee directory can list personnel within the organisation, complete with thumbnail photograph, department, contact information and any other relevant information.

Timed events can be included in by using our Events module. This module can host multiple categories, can automatically delist events as they pass and send reminders to a mailing list for new events as they occur.

Feedback Form
This is an enhanced version of a feedback form that you would normally find on most websites. This form contains automatic notification to the administrator as well as a fully-customisable courtesy email to the visitor after they have submitted the form. Additional fields can also be added to the form as well as submissions being automatically written directly to a database for backup and future download purposes.

Featured Company/Item
This module can be customised to "feature" anything. It is currently being used as a Featured Company module on a vertical portal site to promote new companies.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQ module comes complete with multiple categories, search facility, visitor suggestions and full administration system.

Job Vacancies
This is a complete vacancy module, displaying vacancies alphabetically, by type or by date. This module also includes the option for visitors to add vacancies directly to the module, complete with optional credit card transaction capability.

Mailing List
A full bulk emailing utility is included within the PortalRoom application suite. We are very keen as a company to promote an ethical use of opt-in mailing lists, so our system will not allow spam email to be sent. This system is very powerful and allows for plain text and html emails, as well as the attachment of images or files. Personalised bulk emailing is standard, customising each email with the recipients name.

Our marketplace module is used for classified advertisements and comes complete with credit card transaction capability for entries, multiple categories and search facility.

"My" portal
A customisable home page allows each visitor to see a "snapshot" of the information that they need in one place.

The Portalroom newsletter module displays a standard newsletter on the site, complete with past archive listings, photographs and a mailing system to email the newsletter to subscribers.

Password Admin
Password protection can be attached to any module that requires registration. Please see the registration module for further information.

Press Release System
We have two version of our Press Release system – one that is open to the public, and the other which is only open to qualified visitors, such as journalists where access to the system is achieved via a username and password. Press releases can include imagery, files and web links and can be downloaded or emailed directly using a form within the system. Automatic notification of new releases via email is built in.

Our legal module covers standard information for site copyright, privacy policy and terms and conditions. This information can be displayed embedded into a page or via a pop-up window.

This links with the Password module, enabling visitors to register to use the site. Depending upon the site needs, this registration can be automatic, or it can be set so the administrator validates a registration request before it goes live.

Resource Directory
The administration of information, files, images and documents can be managed easily by our resource directory. Categories, sub-categories and detailed information are presented in an easy to use system. Uploaded images can be automatically resized and our systems can even convert from one format into another.

The sponsorship module links with our Banner advertising module, providing a more sophisticated advertising solution for both site and category sponsors. The standard features include a graphic and a brief description which link through to a more detailed page. Web links and email addresses can be included as standard.

Tell a Friend
A very simple module which can work wonders for traffic if used correctly. By entering a friends name and email address a visitor will recommend the site to their friend, who will receive a customised email directly from the site

Useful Links
This module provides an easy mechanism for suggesting links to site visitors. Links can be added directly from the administration interface and visitors can suggest links for inclusion which will not go live until moderated.

Customisation and Additions

Portalroom is not an off–the–shelf solution, even though time to market is rapid. We pride ourselves on offering customisation to our systems if a feature change is requested
  We have some exciting developments underway and planned for the future to enhance the current modules as well as add new modules and online applications to the PortalRoom application suite. Current modules under development and planned for launch in the New Year are:
  > Automatic Regular Billing system
For subscription-based sites and services we are developing a repeat billing module to enable regular billing for subscribers.
  > Enhanced support system
A fully-automated support and sales system with support tracking and allocation facility.
  > Survey, Voting and Competition module
We are developing a new competition platform that we will be integrating into PortalRoom as an addition service as well as a standalone system. Ideally designed as a permission marketing tool, this will be an invaluable resource for many of our clients
  We are constantly evaluating new technologies and techniques to integrate within portalroom, some of which we currently have within a live beta testing phase. These include:
  > Flash
Flash technology can provide a more "animated" method of interacting with a site. We are looking at using Flash as an alternative interface for portalroom rather tthan using static HTML. This will be an option both for the site administrator as well as for the user and can be implemented at the module level so does not have to be site-wide.
  > WAP and wireless technologies
We are looking to enable PortalRoom so that the information can be provided in a WAP interface for visitors using mobile telephones or wireless handheld devices. We currently have this technology at trial stage.
  > Syndicated content
We are speaking to a number of content providers and will soon have a list of content that can automatically be integrated within your site.
  If you would like more information on the above, please contact us and we can outline the features and benefits in more detail.
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