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Portalroom news adds new leasing structure to payment methods

New flexible payment terms have been introduced for Portalroom to compliment the different relationships that are being forged. As Inovica and Portalroom embark on different relationships other than client-supplier, the need for flexibility was apparent.

Creative Director, Louise Regan, says �Obviously there is an up front resource allocation necessary for the design elements, but the modules can be rented over a period of time helping with the cashflow for some of our clients.�

This new leasing structure will benefit Portalroom clients who wish add new modules as their site grows in popularity, therefore minimising the initial development cost. Leasing Portalroom either as a whole or on a module-by-module basis has also been well received by existing Inovica clients who undertake projects that have a limited lifetime.

To discuss your requirements, contact Portalroom at [email protected]

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